Full Body and Brazilian Waxing

Full Body and Brazilian Waxing

Full Body $1000 and Brazilian Waxing $200

This 3 day course covers full body waxing for women and men. We teach you our exclusive techniques successfully used in salon for over 12 years. Obsession provides pain reduction tips to help you sooth first timers and will help you gain experience and knowledge of how to work with all skin and hair types. Anatomy, cleanliness and sanitation are of utmost importance and we teach how crucial it is that a wax stick is NEVER double dipped or any disposable supplies re-used in any way. We cover both soft and hard wax applications and you will gain experience with multiple types of wax to see what suites you and your clients needs most.

WAXING-SLIDEObsession has had great success with the Satin Smooth line of waxes and will give students the best overview on how to choose the appropriate one for every situation.  We also cover the art of proper brow shaping and facial waxing techniques. Salon etiquette and business tips are also included! In class supplies and materials are provided, models and at home practice between classes is required. All Classes are one on one so personal and attentive attention to your learning needs and progress is always a priority. Students are responsible to bring models for in class days but we can always help. A certificate of completion is awarded to successful candidates. We also provide lifetime continuing support, education and apprenticeship opportunities to our students.

In addition to full body waxing students are invited to add on an extra day for Brazilian waxing regularly priced $200 for just $150.  We will include extra supplies and teach all the proper application, technique and care needed in this delicate waxing service. A certificate of completion is awarded to successful candidates

This course typically runs one day a week for 3 weeks. It requires product and client homework between classes. Full body waxing is a prerequisite to Brazilian waxing. Dates are flexible.

The combined Full Body and Brazilian course can be taken together for a reduced price of $1150.