Student Work

Student Work

Obsession Beauty Academy is dedicated to producing skilled nail technicians and the proof is in the pictures. Class after class our students consistently create beautiful artificial enhancements. We take pride in only ever using our own students work to advertise what is realistically achievable to students during our program. We see way too many programs advertised with educators or worse, random popular pinterest photos not even associated with the school. Obsession is built on real clients, real photos and real careers afterwords.

To see more photos of student work created in our 8 week program visit our instagram account here. We have tagged our former student accounts so you can follow their journeys after Obsession Beauty Academy Certification. We also have a ton of live class highlights you can see there!

Student Testimonials:

“Cera is so knowledgeable about everything nails & goes so in depth! Im still able to contact Cera with any questions I have & you know all she wants is you to succeed in this industry!” – Savannah

I chose this program because it offered so much more than just the basics offered in other programs. I also enjoyed the flexible evening and weekend schedule. Cera is still available for my question and I’ve been out of school for a year and a half. Cera wants you to succeed and will spend extra time with you as necessary to ensure your goals are met…. I am pleased with my education choice!” – Serena

“I learned so much and more at Obsession BA! It was such a fun course I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for the best education on the market! The kit you get is also amazing and tons of product!” – Ashley L.

“Obsession is a great place to learn and build your confidence.. Cera is very knowledgeable about nails, she doesn’t waste time it’s definitely a nail boot camp but she makes it fun and exciting. I love how being in her class feels so homey and she bakes goods every Sunday and spoils her students… I also love the fact she gives us a mini graduation after our final.” – Cheryl

“Her advanced nail course is cram packed full of essential knowledge. I loved going to classes every day and each one was a challenge yet I enjoyed it completely. She is a wonderful educator and beautiful person in general. So eager to help and boost you to your full potential and she knows her stuff! She gives you continued education and support and also continues to keep her own education and course content current. If you want to learn how to do nails RIGHT, Obsession is the place to do it!” – Ashley G.

“I graduated from what I thought was a reputable college about a year and a half ago from a nail technician program but I entered the industry without the knowledge I needed to succeed and lost my confidence entirely. I sought out Cera and Obsession Beauty Academy with the hope that she could help me one on one. I was not disappointed at all. She truly cares about her students, her clients and her business. Its amazing to meet someone with so much passion for the nail industry and who takes this career seriously. I am so thankful for her dedication and she takes the time to truly help. thank you so much!” – Autumn C. – full day one on one class

“I was fortunate enough to have trained with Cera. I learned invaluable experience in many areas such as nail history and structure, proper procedures to set myself up for success in a business, and of course the ins and outs of nails! Cera is very supportive and passionate about her work. She is always willing to teach you more that you want to learn. Thank you Cera to Improve my confidence – Mona I. – Acrylic level 1 & 2

Student Client Testimonial:

“I got my nails fixed from one of Ceras students and she did AMAZING and she was only 3 weeks into her course. I would recommend this studio 110% and I will continue to go back every chance I get!!” – Casandra E., OBA client