Advanced Nail Technology Certification

Advanced Nail Technology Certification

Obsession Beauty Academy Advanced Nail Training

Learn to do nails RIGHT & launch a career that makes life beautiful

OBA offers the most comprehensive and complete Nail Technology Training in Western Canada.

Geared towards creating industry professionals the OBA program mirrors *regulated trade requirements in its curriculum and testing standards. Our international competition winning Master Educator Cera Jade, updates our program yearly, dedicated to keeping the OBA standard ahead of the local skill set. Cera runs a successful home salon which contributes to the decade of practical, hands on, real life experience she passes along to students.

Learn in a REAL salon with proven long term clientele that will pass along the secrets to sucess that we use day after day. Learn from proven award winning, internationally recognized educators who actually practice what they preach with the products that they use to teach! Thrive in a small private class where everyone gets one on one training, a custom textbook, student product discounts for life and education focused around your individual goals.

This is one inclusive course for carefully selected people who want to become serious professionals and industry leaders, not hobbyists. Everything from basic to advanced techniques and art are learned then perfected over this nail week nail bootcamp. Including:

Basic Skills:
Standard Manicure
– Paraffin Application
– Gel Polish
– Acrylic Nails: Tips
– Gel Nails: Tips
– Skin Theory
– Anatomy
– Sanitation & Bacteriology
– Nail & Skin Disorders
– Massage Movements
– Basic Nail Art: Line Work, Dots Marble, Quartz, Stamping, Chromes/Effect Powders, Sugaring, Smelt Roses,

Advanced Skills:

– Advanced Manicure<
– Sculpted Gel Nails
- Sculpted Acrylic Nails
– Gel Toes/ Pedique
– Form Application and Altercation
– Advanced Shaping and Structure
– Nail Pinching
– Electric Filling
– Rebalance/ Fills & Structure Correction
– Salon Etiquette & Independent Professional Development
– Advanced Nail Art: Foil Art, Swarovski Placement/Attachment, Embedding Art, Milk Bath Nails, Alcohol Inks/Water colour,

Exclusive to Obsession:

– Nail Reconstruction
– Specialized Filing Methods
 3D & 4D Art In Both Gel & Acrylic
– Ombre In Both Gel & Acrylic
– Character Drawing
– Multiple Brands/Product Knowledge, Exposure & Use
– Home Salon AHS & City Certification
– Off Hours Salon and Product Use
– FREE Continuing Education/Support/td>



– Electric File Manicure
– Polygel/Acrygel Experience


*UPGRADE to a $500 Ugly Duckling E-file for only $300 when you put your deposit in 3 months early or get $100 off while in school!

A 75% average in both practical and theory is required for successful completion of this course.

Class Schedule – Advanced Nail Technician Certification Course :

Our program now runs on flexible days/times. Textbook and written curriculum must be completed before the start of class.
Traditionally classes ran Tuesdays & Thursdays: 6:00pm – 10:00pm & Sundays: 10:00am – 6:00pm but are now flexible dependent on class size and individual student needs.

There will be assigned product and client practice homework and a small pre-course study guide.

Obsession Advanced Nail Technology Training is being offered at a reduced price of $5500 + tax and includes over $2000 worth of supplies and materials. Courses value over $9150 if taken individually.

Deposits and early registration is required to hold your spot, wait list available. There are no prerequisites for this Advanced Program. We offer a free continuing education support group/Obsession student alumni to all past and present students.

Student Testimonials:

“Cera is so knowledgeable about everything nails & goes so in depth! Im still able to contact Cera with any questions I have & you know all she wants is you to succeed in this industry!” – Savannah

I chose this program because it offered so much more than just the basics offered in other programs. I also enjoyed the flexible evening and weekend schedule. Cera is still available for my question and I’ve been out of school for a year and a half. Cera wants you to succeed and will spend extra time with you as necessary to ensure your goals are met…. I am pleased with my education choice!” – Serena

“I learned so much and more at Obsession BA! It was such a fun course I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for the best education on the market! The kit you get is also amazing and tons of product!”– Ashley L.

“Obsession is a great place to learn and build your confidence.. Cera is very knowledgeable about nails, she doesn’t waste time it’s definitely a nail boot camp but she makes it fun and exciting. I love how being in her class feels so homey and she bakes goods every Sunday and spoils her students… I also love the fact she gives us a mini graduation after our final.” – Cheryl

“Her advanced nail course is cram packed full of essential knowledge. I loved going to classes every day and each one was a challenge yet I enjoyed it completely. She is a wonderful educator and beautiful person in general. So eager to help and boost you to your full potential and she knows her stuff! She gives you continued education and support and also continues to keep her own education and course content current. If you want to learn how to do nails RIGHT, Obsession is the place to do it!”– Ashley G.

“I graduated from what I thought was a reputable college about a year and a half ago from a nail technician program but I entered the industry without the knowledge I needed to succeed and lost my confidence entirely. I sought out Cera and Obsession Beauty Academy with the hope that she could help me one on one. I was not disappointed at all. She truly cares about her students, her clients and her business. Its amazing to meet someone with so much passion for the nail industry and who takes this career seriously. I am so thankful for her dedication and she takes the time to truly help. thank you so much!” – Autumn C. – full day one on one class

“I was fortunate enough to have trained with Cera. I learned invaluable experience in many areas such as nail history and structure, proper procedures to set myself up for success in a business, and of course the ins and outs of nails! Cera is very supportive and passionate about her work. She is always willing to teach you more that you want to learn. Thank you Cera to Improve my confidence – Mona I. – Acrylic level 1 & 2

Student Client Testimonial:

“I got my nails fixed from one of Ceras students and she did AMAZING and she was only 3 weeks into her course. I would recommend this studio 110% and I will continue to go back every chance I get!!” Casandra E., OBA client

* Esthetics is NOT a regulated trade in Alberta. This means ANYONE can provide education, no matter how poor or incomplete. OBA takes student education seriously and believes that anyone handling potentially hazardous chemicals with the publics safety at risk should have proper education. This is why we chose to mirror our curriculum to the standards adhered to by red seal trade regulated provinces

The Professional Student Kit Includes:

Gel kit: Swarovski gel brush, *prep, *prime, *500 pack forms, 60 ml clear gel, white gel, fufu pink gel, gel cleanse, sanding bands, *files, *buffers, *500 pk nail tips, *brush on nail glue, no wipe top coat, 30pk assorted trial files,  cuticle oil,
Acrylic kit: Swarovski #8 acrylic brush, Swarovski 3D acrylic brush, *prep, *prime, *500 foil forms, *files, *buffers, clear acrylic powder, white acrylic powder, pink acrylic powder, cover pink acrylic powder, monomer, odourless monomer, brush cleaner, dappen dish, *500 pk nail tips, *brush on nail glue, pinching tweezers, Swarovski c-curve sticks.

Gel Polish kit: Builder Base, white, black, two colours of choice, matte topcoat, implement kit, Precise cuticle pusher & cuticle scissors, pack of nail trainer tips.

Art supplies: Swarovski nail art detailer 2 brush, Swarovski nail art striper brush, Swarovski blinger tool, nail art, display tips

At home supplies alcohol, acetone, two pump bottles, Cordless LED lamp, Cordless E-file, Basic Bit Kit, full pack nail wipes, roll of blue shop towel, CS20 sanitizer, sanitizing receptacle, surface sanitizer, Pre-empt marketing materials and of course Obsessions own custom written textbook.

While in school you are encouraged to use school product to save your kit for your career. By the time many students complete their courses their kits are empty causing them to make another big investment before being able to start their careers, with Obsession we want to give you the best foundation in every aspect for optimum success.