Electric Filing

Electric Filing

Electric Filing $400

 This 4 hour course includes all the basics about understanding your electric file, debunking myths around them and showing you how to be professional and precise in using one for your daily nail routine. We also cover correct artificial nail removal, de-bulking methods and structure correction. We will cover how to optimize your fill times by gaining proper control and technique with these specialized machines. Specific bit use with proper scenario education and custom use for gel and acrylics will be included. Try over multiple kinds of electric files to see what is most ergonomically comfortable and compatible for you. Play with both desktop and portable machine options.  Practice with Mandrel, Carbide, Ceramic and Diamond bit practice and applications. Learn what to look for when selecting a machine, bit varieties and how to properly maintain and sanitize your equipment.

In class manual, machines and product are provided, bring nothing unless you would like to! You are welcome to bring your own machine or bits if preferred. A nail model needing a fill is required for structure correction, this can be on your own hand as well. Dates and times are flexible.

Gel or Acrylic nails level 1 or equivalent certificate is a prerequisite. Classes are small from one on one, up to only four students so personal and attentive attention to your learning needs and progress is always a priority. A certificate of completion is awarded to successful candidates

*BONUS* Receive $75 off if you purchase an Ugly Duckling electric file when taking this class!